Scratch \'n\' Sniff Cabaret [Logo]

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Doors: 7pm | Show: 8pm

Fox Cabaret

2321 Main St, Vancouver, BC

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The 60s brought you Smell-O-Vision. The 80s brought you Odorama.

Now, Ghost Light Vaudeville Society is proud to present the Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Cabaret!

This night of fun will feature a wide range of variety acts - including drag, burlesque, circus arts, magic, and comedy - which are all inspired by their own special secret scent. During the show, the audience will unlock these smells with their own Scratch 'n' Sniff sheet. Twelve unique acts means you'll be getting twelve unique smells shot straight into your nose holes!

The Scratch 'n' Sniff Cabaret will also act as a major fundraiser for Sex Workers United Against Violence, a local institution that has sought to keep sex workers empowered and safe. All proceeds made during the night will go to SWUAV, so please bring all your extra loonies and toonies for this amazing cause!

Ghost Light Vaudeville Society
Production Team

Say hello to the Canadian Chameleon! Dee Twenty is a Vancouver-based queer neo-burlesque dancer, drag thing, and general all-around goof. Dee is one of the founding members of Ghost Light Vaudeville Society and sits on the board as the Executive Director. She also is the volunteer coordinator for both the Screaming Chickens Theatrical Society and the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Dee is very proud to have shimmied across the Geekenders stage since 2014. One of her favourite things in the world is volunteering for local charities and nonprofits, especially within the LGBTQIA2S+ community. In her off time, Dee enjoys fighting the patriarchy.

Sasja Smolders is a multi-disciplinary performance artist. Their performances incorporate pop culture, live singing, burlesque, gender-exploration, comedy, and anything else they can fit in. Sasja has studied both classical and jazz vocal performance, and has been involved in theatre for over fifteen years.

When not writing and producing animated television, Alison Ross can be found hiding in a blanket fort, shouting about shoddy science-fiction writing as half of the duo behind The XX Files Podcast. Alison recently co-penned the play "We Know Nothing: Monologues of Ice and Fire" for Mad House Productions. Their other produced works have appeared on Cartoon Network and YTV, and have been widely panned by 12-year-olds on 4Chan.

Joe Fulgham makes WordPress websites for a living and handles Ghost Light's online presence. He makes podcasts like Onlightened, The Dreaming: The Sandman Read-Along Podcast, and over 300 episodes of Caustic Soda.  Joe uses years of acting, improvisation and roleplaying experience as an improv game-master for hire, running groups of friends/co-workers through fun and newbie-friendly fantasy roleplaying adventures.


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