Abbey St. Brendan

Abbey St. Brendan is an actress, writer, and improviser transplanted from St. Johns, Newfoundland. Lead software developer by day, by night she has been Darth Vader, Applejack, Lumpy Space Princess, and even Scruffy from Futurama, because she had a fake moustache lying around. A versatile actress, Abbey has also been featured in short films, a television pilot, and most recently as a writer in the 48-hour Run n Gun Video Competition.

Abbey is also the creator and host of Geek: Interesting – the comedy trivia show where you’re not expected to know the answers. Matching wit with a rotating panel of comedians, she curates a deep dive into geek culture that leaves audiences laughing while thinking. The July episode (Queer: Interesting) was a successful Pride edition in support of Rainbow Refugee. She is also a prolific writer of short scripts and song parodies, and has recently jumped into the world of musical improv – look to hear her writing on the spot around town!