The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour is ” …[the] sort of fairy tale Neil Gaiman might tell – to the children of people he doesn’t like.” -Travis Bernhardt, Magician.

Inspired by the works of Edward Gorey, the Brothers Grimm, and Tim Burton, The Darkest Hour is an improvising trio that revels in smart, sexy, and spooky comedy. Meet Twitch (Chelsey Stuyt), Pitch (Nikolai Wyman Witschl), and Pound (Joel Cottingham); the naughtiest children of the Muses. After centuries of inspiring dark, twisted tales in the pens and minds of humanity’s artists, these three mocking mayhem artists were locked up in a black box by their own dear mommys. The only way out is for them to tell a nice, moral tale – where nobody dies. To do that, they’ll need a little help from you, the audience. The Darkest Hour is a laugh-a-minute roller-coaster into the twisted minds of Vancouver’s top improvisors. Not to be missed.

The Darkest Hour stars Nikolai Witschl, Joel Cottingham, and Chelsey Stuyt. Nikolai is an actor and improvisor who can be seen on television in such shows as Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow, The Strain, and the Man in the High Castle. Joel is a graduate from the National Theatre School of Canada and is a professional DJ and co-founder of Groundwerk, Vancouver’s top underground electronic music community platform and social hub. Chelsey is a playwright, actor, and improvisor, who has directed and produced improvised plays all over the world including; Scotland, Kuwait, New York, and more.